IPL Photorejuvenation

Why Come to NkdSkin Laser Lounge for Your Next PHOTOREJUVENATION (IPL Photofacial) Treatment?

• NksdSkin Laser providers are available for consultation as needed. This ensures safe and consistent results with all your IPL Treatments
• We have performed tens of thousands of IPL treatments since 2010 and will show you before and after photos of many satisfied clients during your complimentary consultation.

What is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also known as Photofacial, is a non-ablative laser which work beneath the skin’s surface to help your skin reduce brown spots, discolorations or pigmentation, redness, big open pores,  broken capillaries, dull skin and bacteria. Photorejuvenation with IPL also improves skin tone and texture, and minimizes fine lines by inducing significant structural change in the dermis and epidermis.  Generally, a series of four to six IPL treatments is needed to gradually give your skin a more healthy and youthful  appearance. Further improvement can be achieved by combining IPL with treatments such as Matrix RF Sublative Rejuvenation or ST ReFirme for Skin Tightening.

What Conditions does IPL Photorejuvenation treat?

• Sun damage.
• Rejuvenation of skin
• Pigment Changes/Sun Damage or Aging Skin
• Ruddy Skin Appearances (“Dyschromia”) – rosacea, redness of the chest and neck
• Enlarged Pores
• Fine Lines
• Telangiectasia (broken capillaries)
• Unwanted Freckles
• Hyperpigmentation or brown spots
• Acne and bacteria

What to do Before your IPL Treatment:

• Avoid tanning and excessive sun exposure 4 weeks prior to your treatment.
•The treatment areas should be cleansed and all makeup or creams removed.
• Although not needed, a topical anesthetic may be applied 20 to 30 minutes before treatment.
• Each treatment takes approximately 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area treated.

What to do After your IPL Treatment:

• A sunburn sensation is common. Cold packs may be used for ten minutes after your treatment.
• The skin may appear pink and flushed. This usually resolves after several hours.
• Age spots and melasma patches will darken over several days and either exfoliate off over 7 to 10 days or fade over several weeks.
• Striping is common in areas treated off the face, like the arms and chest, and require follow up treatment to even out the results.
• Gentle cleansing and sun protection are important while the skin is sensitive.
• It is very important to avoid tanning 4 weeks before and 4 to 6 weeks after your treatments.
• In general, there is little downtime with IPL. Occasional bruising and swelling may occur but is temporary and resolves over 3 to 7 days. You can resume normal activities immediately after your treatment.
• Gradual improvement will be noted over your course of treatments.